Dogs in black

bachoblack percyblack

A couple of portraits of friends’ dogs. Ba’cho the shepherd mix is a shelter dog and one of the handsomest dogs I know. Percy (affectionately nicknamed Tiny Grandpa) the chihuahua is a foster failure and a little spitfire in a bitty package. Colored pencil on black paper.



Binge-watched Steven Universe over the past week and ended up drawing Garnet on my lunch break. Colored in Photoshop.

Exploring new canvases


For some reason I started sketching on the back of a cardboard flat that had held canned cat food, and a couple hours of oddly therapeutic inking later I had this.

Sweet Georgia Brown


Georgia Brown is a sweet ol’ hound dog who’s been with Rocket Dog Rescue for many years now. Given her age and health concerns, she isn’t likely to be adopted, so the Rocket Dog Urban Sanctuary in Oakland, CA has become her forever home. She totters around the kitchen there, hanging out with the other senior dogs and being doted on by the Sanctuary staff.

RDR’s founder asked me to paint Georgia’s portrait to hang in the Sanctuary. This is a not-very-good photo of the finished piece in its frame — it’s too big for the scanner.