Tiefling Ranger

magmorelAnother sketch for my new sketchbook! Tiefling ranger with her bearded vulture animal companion. Some proportional wonkiness on this, but I think I like it enough to use as the basis of a painting.


New sketchbook

Wolf and Girl

I can’t seem to stop by Palace Art and Office Supply in Santa Cruz without buying SOMETHING. This time, it was a bunch of pens and a toned sketchbook.

River Valley


Another revision from my thesis. I decided to take a whole new approach to environments, inspired by storybook illustrators and comic artists. This is the deceptively modest home of the dragon Zmey Gorinich. Click to see it bigger!

Cool Chicks from History

Sophia Brahe

I did this illustration of Sophia Brahe, the younger sister and assistant of famous sixteenth century astronomer Tycho Brahe, for the blog Cool Chicks from History.  She was an accomplished scientist in her own right, and a pretty cool lady! Check out Cool Chicks from History for more info on her and other amazing women.