Commission for a birthday gift! This adorable pitbull is Sniper, and he has the cutest, biggest grin. Watercolor, gouache and pen on paper.



Speck is a little dog with a lot of emotions. This is a surprise/birthday gift for my coworker, whose deep love of scruffy little dogs with problems is manifested in this tiny magnificent creature. I worked from reference photos secretly snapped by Speck’s dogwalker.

Lightnin’ Hopkins


A portrait of the late, great Lightnin’ Hopkins, beloved bloodhound of Rocket Dog Rescue’s founder, Pali Boucher. Pen and watercolor on paper. It was too big for my scanner so I took a not-very-good photo with my phone.

Survivalist girl


I watched a miniseries last week that wasn’t all that good, but it did give me the awesome image of an 11 year-old girl riding a horse into the wilderness with a rifle and her long-haired chihuahua. I made the rifle into a bow because it was my lunch break and I had no reference.

Tiefling Ranger

magmorelAnother sketch for my new sketchbook! Tiefling ranger with her bearded vulture animal companion. Some proportional wonkiness on this, but I think I like it enough to use as the basis of a painting.


New sketchbook

Wolf and Girl

I can’t seem to stop by Palace Art and Office Supply in Santa Cruz without buying SOMETHING. This time, it was a bunch of pens and a toned sketchbook.