Exploring new canvases


For some reason I started sketching on the back of a cardboard flat that had held canned cat food, and a couple hours of oddly therapeutic inking later I had this.



I started this awhile ago, and will probably never finish it. Yet another attempt to pin down the ever-elusive Wolfgirl.

Survivalist girl


I watched a miniseries last week that wasn’t all that good, but it did give me the awesome image of an 11 year-old girl riding a horse into the wilderness with a rifle and her long-haired chihuahua. I made the rifle into a bow because it was my lunch break and I had no reference.

Tiefling Ranger

magmorelAnother sketch for my new sketchbook! Tiefling ranger with her bearded vulture animal companion. Some proportional wonkiness on this, but I think I like it enough to use as the basis of a painting.


New sketchbook

Wolf and Girl

I can’t seem to stop by Palace Art and Office Supply in Santa Cruz without buying SOMETHING. This time, it was a bunch of pens and a toned sketchbook.